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Joshua’s Vision

My name is Joshua Agan and I am the vessel God chose to create this space. The struggle was real… having owned once before and watching the Titanic sink I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN! With the wreckage of my past and my fight to overcome my addiction to drugs and alcohol not far behind me, it felt too soon to take this leap. Literally, with my arms stretched high, begging (screaming), “God, stop this mad idea circulating in my head.” Spirit was loud in her response, “Son, this isn’t for you.”

In the moment that I gave in and chose to flow with what was being shown to me, everything has fallen into place. I was blessed to be given my counterpart and business partner in this experience. Jaron Fairchild is the man who has pushed me forward, slowed me down and challenged my connectivity to God when I was feeling misplaced. This brotherhood between us has moved in me more ways than I can count and his love for people has evolved with mine to be something incredibly special. Jaron… Thank you.

The blessings and team members that have come together are not by accident. Proudly changing the form of this place from “I” to “WE”
This space as a whole has seen its ups and downs! We are not perfect but what we have learned is this…

We have seen people come in broken, thrilled, numbed, hopeful, lethargic and cranked on life….LOVE
We have seen our own people and loved ones, going through life challenges and miracles….LOVE
We have seen our hugs and tears move someone to see life in unified measure and wholeness… LOVE
We have collectively shared our education and experiences making each other better stylists and people…LOVE

As outward aesthetic professionals (who truly KILL THE GAME), I’m so proud and blessed to be given the team of people whose hearts’ strive and long for soul connectivity and loving people in the best way we know how. I know this is a little “out there” or against the grain… I DONT GIVE A DAMN! We ride a fine a line of maintaining a professional environment and a hippie commune. We want to share your struggles, dance with your joy and more than likely it will be to the tune of 90’s throwback jams!!!

When entering The Compass Salon, just bring your truth.
Leave your hair and face to us and expect some serious hugging action!!!