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Using Runes to Create The Compass 317 Logo

rachel@pulpfunctions.com • Jun 17th, 2016

Runes have been used for thousands of years. Dating back to 150 A.D., runes originated from Futhark, one of the first alphabets ever created. Germanic and Viking tribes used them to create their own alphabets and thought them to be from the Divine.

Think of the Bluetooth symbol. It is actually the initials of Harald Bluetooth, written in Scandinavian runes. The runes that are incorporated into the logo have several different meanings. It is said that when two or more runes are put together, they enhance and solidify the underlying meanings, also known as a Bind Rune.

As you look at our logo, you will notice a three ringed circle in the middle that looks similar to a bulls-eye. This symbol is at the core of the logo because it represents integrity and balance, which is the foundation of The Compass 317.

Below you will find the meaning behind all of the runes that are incorporated into The Compass 317 logo.


Inside the Arrow: The rune of the mental body, thought, memory, mental clarity, sense of walking in the light and knowing where one is going. It also represents awareness and the ability to search and transform. It signifies a major breakthrough in overcoming an obstacle or achieving a goal. This is the sign of the “Day,” indicating a new awakening, moving from dark to light. It also represents seeking the ideal and setting your standards at the highest level. This rune portends growth, transformation, and maturity.

Below the Arrow: The rune of universal love, all love is unconditional if it is not, then it is not love, rune of our very humanity, endurance, most powerful motivating force, energizing. Also represents hope and faith.


Inside the Arrow: The rune of change. Energy that clears out the old and unwanted, ready for the new. It may also mean unexpected good luck through a windfall which also brings sudden change. There is a need to break free from constraints, and prepare for a change in your life or your situation. It signals a need to refocus your life. You may feel as though you are waking from a long sleep and take some time to come to your full senses. There may be a loss before there is a great gain.

Below the Arrow: This rune is the last of the 24 runes meaning the end of a cycle or time period and the beginning of a new one. We get the English word year from jeram. Power to let go of the past, to end mourning and welcome what is to come with re-birth. 


Inside the Arrow: The rune of growth and healing. It also represents nurturing, caring motherly energy, and renewal.

Below the Arrow: The rune of spirituality; of the spiritual aspect of your soul. It embodies the ability to make deep connections both within yourself to Mother Earth to vegetation and animals of course to other humans.


Inside the Arrow: The rune of vitality, life-force energy, and strength needed to make change. It also represents courage, often to do with health and vigor and wild and raw energy. It can also mean stubbornness, convictions, and determination.

Below the Arrow: The rune of journeying, spiritual or physical. A change from one way of life to another. The rune of the sovereign divine conscious power. It can symbolize new life and inspiration. It personifies connection to the Divine or the inner self.